Rehabilitacja kręgosłupa Wrocław


Spinal pain most often has a complex origin and is caused by numerous factors that interact with each other. Sedentary lifestyles, intensive physical work, musculoskeletal injuries and obesity all have a negative impact on our health. Spinal rehabilitation effectively helps to reduce discomfort and additionally supports the recovery time after injuries and procedures. Often, rehabilitation also complements pharmacological methods in the treatment process and allows a faster return to fitness.

Rehabilitacja kręgosłupa Wrocław
Rehabilitacja kręgosłupa

Spinal rehabilitation - methods

At MTS Holistic Therapy Rehabilitation Centre, we use the latest medical advances and the techniques used are always tailored to the individual needs of the patient. As a result, we achieve the highest effectiveness in treating conditions and reducing pain levels. Below are the methods of spinal rehabilitation used in our clinics.

Manual techniques

These are techniques in which we use special methods to relax the patient's muscles and bring relief from degenerative changes and post-traumatic conditions. Pinopressure is a proprietary therapy of the MTS Hollistic Therapy Rehabilitation Centre.

It provides a non-invasive means of psychological and neurophysical rehabilitation.

Physical therapy - methods

Physical techniques use the action of physical agents on body tissues. They reduce pain relatively quickly, reduce swelling, inflammation and accelerate healing. They bring extremely positive results in the treatment of chronic and acute pain.The effects can be felt almost immediately. What is more, the physical techniques are safe for health and comfortable for the patient.

Naturopathic techniques

Naturotherapy focuses on the gradual restoration of a patient's overall health in a natural way. It incorporates manual techniques, such as old-fashioned massage and acupressure. Each method is characterised by a holistic approach to the human body. In spinal rehabilitation, they are most often used as side techniques.
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Are you bothered by back pain?

Depending on which section you are experiencing intractable pain, we will select the right method to work on alleviating it.

Spinal rehabilitation - indications

Spinal rehabilitation is aimed at anyone who is struggling with unidentified pains in this part of the body. These may be a consequence of discopathy, which, if untreated, results in various intervertebral disc conditions.
This is the first stage of osteoarthritis, which is why it so urgently requires rehabilitation. Indications for treatment also include any joint pain in the spine, sciatica and shoulder pain.
Furthermore, experts recommend rehabilitation when the patient has a postural defect, chiropractic, i.e. displacement of the vertebrae in relation to each other, and overload pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle or heavy physical work. A patient who has suffered a spinal fracture or serious injury should go for rehabilitation after surgery.


Can medicinal leeches help with severe back pain?

Medicinal leeches secrete biologically active substances such as hirudin, which has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and vasodilatory properties. In this situation, they can bring incredible relief to a patient who is struggling with severe pain. We invite you to visit MTS Holistic Therapy, where we use medical leech therapy. Make an appointment today. At your appointment, we will assess the extent of your problem and plan treatments that will make you feel better.

Can dry needling therapy help with back pain?

We encourage you to learn about and benefit from dry needling therapy, which provides great relief after just a few treatments. This technique is often used in manual therapy and physiotherapy to relieve muscle tension, reduce pain and improve range of motion.

Are there ways to deal with degenerative changes?

More and more people are reporting the problem described. We invite you to visit MTS Holistic Therapy, where specialists help you to deal with unpleasant back pain. All thanks to the use of the right equipment and methods such as Indiba radiofrequency, shock wave or acupuncture. We also offer deep tissue massage, which helps to relax tense muscles, increase blood circulation and thus reduce pain. Approximately six appointments, every four days, are recommended to achieve the desired results and recovery process.

How to manage severe lumbar back pain?

We invite you to visit MTS Holistic Therapy, where we use modalities to quickly reduce your pain. If the problem does not resolve after the treatments on offer, we provide the opportunity to consult with an orthopaedic specialist to extend the diagnosis.

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Spinal rehabilitation

More and more people of all ages are suffering from back pain, discopathy, scoliosis or hernias. This pain can significantly impair quality of life. With the individualised therapy programme at MTS Holistic Therapy, rehabilitation focuses on strengthening muscles, improving posture, flexibility and stability of the spine. Therapy effects include reduced pain, increased range of motion, improved motor function and improved sleep quality. Whatever the condition, spinal rehabilitation enables a return to normality, restores activity and allows you to enjoy a full life without pain or limitations.

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