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Have you ever found yourself wondering whether you locked the door after leaving the house? Or maybe you went back to check that you had turned off the gas, the iron or turned off the water in the bathroom properly?

These are just some of the many situations that show you are not always fully aware of what you are doing in the moment. A busy schedule, health or work-related problems or relationships with loved ones are constantly pulling your mind away from the life that is happening here and now. You worry, look ahead, dwell on past events and try to embrace what you think is important.

To help in such situations comes mindfulness, or the practice of mindfulness. It allows one to anchor oneself wholeheartedly in the present moment and fully focus on what it is filled with. This method, which is accessible to everyone, helps to reduce suffering and develop positive qualities in the form of self-awareness, wisdom, compassion and emotional balance.

MTS mindfulness Wrocław
mindfullness Wrocław

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a very popular word in recent times and is associated with personal development.

The practice of mindfulness was pioneered, introduced to Western medicine and popularised by Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn. The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme he developed is used in many hospitals, clinics and medical facilities around the world. As a result, the impact on the physical, emotional and mental health of those who participate is still being studied.

Mindfulness is about noticing, paying attention without judgement and being present in what you are currently doing. Instead of running your thoughts into the future or wandering in the past, you immerse yourself fully in the present moment and embrace your attention to yourself and the activities you are doing. This allows you to engage even better in your daily activities, which translates into an improvement in the quality of everything you create and do.

Mindfulness is also being aware of the sensations that arise when meeting others, moments of inactivity, drinking tea, walking, or driving. It is experiencing reality as it is in the moment, with everything that appears or is missing in it.

Mindfulness - what benefits it brings

A life of constant stress results in a weakening of physical and mental resilience. This often leads to depression, debilitating addictions and serious and even fatal illnesses.

The regular practice of mindfulness helps to reduce stress levels, thereby freeing the body from constant tension and functioning in fight-or-flight mode.

The key benefits of practising mindfulness include:

  • a better mood,
  • a stronger immune system,
  • improving relationships with others,
  • greater calm in conflict situations,
  • reacting less emotionally to life's difficulties and other people's behaviour,
  • functional and structural changes in those areas of the brain associated with experiencing anxiety, pain and low mood,
  • openness and curiosity instead of fear and insecurity when confronted with everyday challenges,
  • a better quality of life,
  • ability to calm down quickly in stressful situations,
  • greater concentration and focus on the activities being performed,
  • developing emotional intelligence,
  • inner peace and harmony,
  • better quality of sexual life,
  • increased self-esteem,
  • mastering the art of enjoying the small things and appreciating them in your daily life.
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Constantly forgetting something?

Mindfulness therapy will help you to organise your thoughts and open your mind, so that you are ready for new challenges every day!

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Loss of skin elasticity

Acupuncture is also used to restore skin elasticity and prevent signs of ageing, particularly in the face. It is the skin that most quickly reflects the state of your health. Acupuncture treatments are successfully applied to the face as well as the décolleté or neck.
Therapeutic pricking of selected points with needles is also used as part of the treatment of facial wrinkles, which are caused by disease processes, blocked emotions and the body's ageing processes.

Mindfulness is also proving to be a very good support in the treatment of depression, addictions, neurosis, anxiety problems, eating and mood disorders and insomnia.

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Good to know



Practising mindfulness regularly can help reduce stress, anxiety, depression and improve overall wellbeing. It gives you the opportunity to cope better with difficulties, to concentrate, to become more aware of your own thoughts and emotions. It is worth starting a mindfulness practice to enjoy peace, better balance and greater self-acceptance. Enrolling with MTS Holistic Therapy will enable you to benefit from the sessions, courses and workshops provided to help you develop mindfulness skills and maintain a regular practice for mental health and wellbeing.

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